Project Description

2019 Collector Edition Console

Now on display at Ormes East

The 2019 Collector Edition Console adds natural beauty to any room. Starting with beautiful hardwoods, materials are meticulously crafted and then adorned with the rich hues of handcrafted Motawi Riverscape tile — an original Nawal Motawi design. Detailed tile lines add depth and dimension. Serene shades of color add natural charm and grace.

W56 D15 H32


The 2019 Collector Edition comes with two handmade Motawi Riverscape tiles — an original Nawal Motawi tile design. Motawi tiles blend studio precision with craftsman quality. Each tile is created by a skilled artist.

L12 W4

Original Design by Nawal Motawi.

The intent was to communicate a serene landscape in a very simple way. Line character and color intensity are intentionally varied to create the feeling of distance. It’s all about simplicity and serenity.

Glaze is applied to each tile by hand

Tiles before firing

Firing reveals the final colours and texture of the tile