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Martine Bed with Upholstered Headboard


Wood Species

68 Width x 86.5 Depth x 64 Height

84 Width x 86.5 Depth x 64 Height


Upholstery inside the headboard and shelter-style fins adds to this bed's welcoming softness. The fins flow down to join solid-cherry rails whose ends sweep slightly upward. Bold but softly rounded moldings follow the lines of the base, and the legs are also smoothly radiused. The finished look is clean yet warm and inviting, with a hint of mid-century style. Available in your choice of fabric or leather.

NOTE: Because solid wood expands and contracts as environmental moisture content changes, we've designed the side rails on this bed with a slight reveal to allow for wood movement. If the joints were perfectly flush, this natural characteristic could cause the rails to bow outward or inward as the seasons change. The reveal helps prevent this.

Upholstered Headboard, Wood Footboard, Wood Rails, Footboard Height: 22"

SKU: 8202-Q

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