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Opal (Classic Power)_0
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Opal (Classic Power)

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Wood Finish


$ - Batick
$$ - Paloma
$$$ - Noblesse
A corrected, pigment improved, and grain embossed upholstery leather with most of its natural marks removed. A protective layer of lacquer simplifies cleaning. Simple cleaning, excellent utilization properties, and a favourable price make Batick a good choice.
Batick Atlantic Blue
Batick Black
Batick Bordeaux
Batick Brown
Batick Cream
Batick Grey
Batick Henna
Batick Latte
Batick Lazuli Blue
Batick Mole
Batick New Caramel
Batick Platinum Grey
Batick Thyme Green
Batick Wild Dove
Batick Yellow
A slightly corrected leather with a combination fo dyes and pigments that smooth out some of the grain pattern of the leather. Natural marks, scars, and insect bites may be visible in Paloma. A thin coat of lacquer adds protection and simplifies cleaning, although does not have quite the same heavy-duty protection as Batick. Due to its sofa, natural, and comfortable expression, Paloma is the most popular choice.
Paloma Almond
Paloma Beige
Paloma Black
Paloma Bordeaux
Paloma Breezy Blue
Paloma Cherry
Paloma Chestnut
Paloma Chocolate
Paloma Copper
Paloma Dark Henna
Paloma Dark Mushroom
Paloma Dark Olive
Paloma Fog
Paloma Funghi
Paloma Honey
Paloma Light Grey
Paloma Metal Grey
Paloma Mushroom
Paloma Neutral Grey
Paloma New Cognac
Paloma Oxford Blue
Paloma Rock
Paloma Sand
Paloma Shadow Blue
Paloma Shadow Green
Paloma Silver Grey
Paloma Sparrow Blue
Paloma Taupe
Paloma Teal Blue
Paloma Vanilla
The most exclusive leather quality offered by Stressless. Noblesse is a full-grain semi-aniline leather, dyed all the way through with only a thin protective top coat. This allows the leather to keep the natural softness and lustre that characterizes a first-class furniture leather. Since Noblesse is so natural, minor colour nuances and skin blemishes may occur. Although the topcoat provides a measure of protection, Noblesse is the most delicate leather Stressless offers and it absorbs moisture easily, and is more vulnerable to wear and tear. Noblesse is a great choice for someone who appreciates leather at its most natural.
Noblesse Amarone
Noblesse Black
Noblesse Brown
Noblesse Dark Brown
Noblesse Grey
Noblesse Tigereye

Wood Finish

Smoked Oak


Stressless Opal has a modern, comfortable and fashionable look that goes together well with the Stressless Sapphire Sofa. Stressless Opal boasts all the same renowned comfort features for which Stressless is famous.




Medium Size

Width: 29.5in

Depth: 30.25-51.5in

Height: 39.25in

Seat Depth: 21.75in

Seat Height: 18in

Large Size

Width: 33in

Depth: 31-51in

Height: 39.75in

Seat Depth: 21.75in

Seat Height: 18.5in




10 Year Warranty - Internal Mechanism

The internal mechanism is guaranteed for a period of 10 years. This warranty covers the internal framework of steel and/or wood including the metal springs, as well as the mechanical mechanism of the recliner/sofa.

5 Year Warranty - Base, Foam, Power Motor/Mechanisms

This warranty covers the base for the chair and ottoman, including the swivel ring, gas lift, and extensions. The foam and interior padding is warranted against collapsing (some deformation and indentation is considered normal). The electronic parts and motor for Power mechanism, as well as all accessories are warranted agains failure.

2 Year Warranty - Batteries

Batteries for Stressless Power products are guaranteed for 2 years. The use of 3rd part batteries with Stressless products will void the entire Stressless warranty.

1 Year Warranty - Leather or Fabric Upholstery

The leather or fabric upholstery including stitching and zippers are guaranteed against defects for 1 year.


This webpage is a summary of the warranty; please contact us for full warranty terms and conditions. The warranty does not cover damage due to misuse of the product or incidental damage. The warranty applies to the original purchaser on Stressless products purchased and assembled at an authorized retailer. The warranty covers the cost and shipping of replacement parts, labour is not included.

Stressless® Power

Add even more luxury with Stressless® Power – our innovative and motorized comfort function. Find your ideal position in total comfort with a simple touch of the neatly concealed buttons.


Stressless® Leathers are chosen from select tanneries with the utmost care. The highest standards are maintained so that whatever your choice, you’re always making the right one. 3 types of leather are available, from the most exclusive and delicate to the more robust and easy to clean.

Rotary-cut beech veneer is used in all molded furniture components and lightly steamed beach for solid wood components. The hardness of the wood makes beech extremely durable, and all the timber used comes from renewable sources.

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