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Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove Spindle Bed


Wood Species

70.5 Width x 87 Depth x 60 Height

86.5 Width x 87 Depth x 60 Height

82.5 Width x 91 Depth x 60 Height


The artfully crafted Spindle Bed highlights the unique beauty of walnut in every burl, swirl, and knot. Features inspired by mid-century modern design include sculptural front and side rails, a cantilevered base with radial corners, and legs that taper gracefully to the floor.

NOTE: Because solid wood expands and contracts as environmental moisture content changes, we've designed the side rails on this bed with a slight reveal to allow for wood movement. If the joints were perfectly flush, this natural characteristic could cause the rails to bow outward or inward as the seasons change. The reveal helps prevent this.

Footboard Height: 10.5, Rail Height: 19"

SKU: 9910-Q-WNT

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