Making it Better

Ormes Plus

  1. Three layers of high resilience foam
  2. Doubled and reinforced side partition for support of seat cushion
  3. Padded outer back
  4. High resilience 2.25lb bio recyclable foam, wrapped in the finest Dacron fibre
  5. Felt treated with “Maxolite” for support and durability
  6. Felted and foam-doubled seating front for your comfort
  7. 100% nylon thread to prevent fraying
  8. All dest cushion zippers are concealed and have nylon death to prevent rust
  9. Hardwood frame is glued and stapled, reinforced with corner blocks and double dowels
  10. No-sag tempered steel coils
  11. Teflon-coated clips to prevent noise
  12. 0.55″ hardboard to define shape
  13. Insulated tempered steel stabilizers
  14. Padded outer arms
  15. Engineered wood, tenon and mortice assembly
  16. Hardwood lacquered legs