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Why Ormes?

At Ormes you can expect to find distinctive selections and a team dedicated to making shopping for furniture an enjoyable, relaxing experience.

Our furniture is crafted with high quality materials and built to last. You won’t find anything that you’ll need to assemble with an allen key.

We've been doing this a long time

The Ormes story began in July 1861, when J.L. Orme opened a shop on the then unpaved Sparks Street.

Ormes combines the rich heritage of the past and its unparalleled experience, with a drive for providing today’s top designs.

An alternative to the regular box and department stores, Ormes helps you stand apart from the crowd, sharing your preference for something better.

You're Ready For The Good Stuff

The place you call home deserves the best, just like the loved ones you share it with.

We’re passionate about helping transform your home into anything else but ordinary.

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